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Una nueva Africa, por Youssou N’dour

En esta canción, el mundialmente conocido cantante senegalés, Youssou N’dour insta a todos los africanos a estar unidos.

Dejo la letra debajo. Pertenece al álbum “Joko. From village to town”, publicado en el año 2.000.



I’m calling all sons of Africa

To come together in spirit,

To develop the same views and wishes

Regardless of any geographical boundaries.

Let’s put together our resources and work as a group

Together, no one can come between us

As a leader, it is important to realize that

the country’s natural resources belong to all

A strong leader should love his country

And help starts within

When one thinks of what our ancestors went through

We are the heartbroken and revenge is all we can think of

If it were up to me, Africa would be united under one leader

Then we’d put our strength and ideas together

under that leadership

Let’s break the boundaries, make communication easier for all

Change your thinking

Work together

Keep on working

Cheikh anta diop, kwame nkrumah, steven biko


Africa united


Más información:

– Sitio oficial de Yossou N’dour


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